• 80-degree beam angle
• Includes lens kit to change to 40° or 50° beam angle
• Color Temperature: 2300~9900K
• 1x 200-Watt RGBAL COB LED
• Lumen: 4084
• CRI: 90

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The ADJ COB Cannon LP200ST is a powerful and flexible professional wash lighting fixture that can be used for a wide variety of applications. It harnesses the power of an efficient 200-Watt COB (Chip On Board) RGBAL (red, green, blue, amber and lime) LED light source, which generates a potent and even output with no color shadows. This efficient light engine combines red, green, blue, amber and lime LED chips to allow the creation of a huge gamut of colors as well as white light with a variable color temperature of between 2300K and 9900K. The inclusion of the lime LED chip helps certain colors to appear more vivid and also boosts the CRI to in excess of 90.

Offering a wide native beam angle of 80-degrees, allowing a large area to be washed with vibrant colored light, the fixture is also supplied with a useful lens kit. This comprises both 40-degree and 50-degree lens options, which easily and securely clip to the front of the fixture to provide a narrower beam angle when required. For easy integration into an existing control system, 5-pin DMX input and output sockets are included on the unit’s rear panel. There are also locking power input and output sockets, which can be used to connect up to three fixtures to a single power outlet. It is also supplied with a flexible scissor yoke, which can either be used as a hanging bracket or floor stand, and barn doors for directing the light output are available as an optional accessory. An Omega Bracket is included so that this fixture can be hung vertically as a pendant light.


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