• 5-50° Motorized Zoom
• Linear Color Temperature Control (2700K – 6500K)
• CRI: 84 / CRI R9: 76.6
• Lumens: 2500
• 7x 20W RGBL LEDs

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Part of ADJ’s Lime Par series of LED fixtures, the Encore Z7LP is a compact and versatile professional par fixture. Its motorized zoom function allows the beam angle to be adjusted remotely via DMX between a concise 5-degrees and a wide 50-degrees. This means that the fixture can be easily utilized both to create a tight pool of light or broad wash, even switching between the two for different scenes of the same production. The fixture is supplied with a variable angle scissor yoke, which can be used either as a floor stand or hanging bracket, as well as an optional barn door accessory for directing the light output.
The unit’s light source comprises 7 high output 4-in-1 color mixing LEDs that each include individually controllable red, green, blue and lime elements. Each LED is rated at 20-Watts and offers a wide variety of color options achieved through mixing the four primary colors at varying levels of intensity. These include white light with a variable color temperature of 2700K to 6500K, which can be easily selected using either linear control or one of 5 preset macros. Inclusion of the Lime LED element boosts CRI and perceived brightness as well as filling in gaps in the color spectrum. 16-Bit fine control over the four primary LED elements allows for a huge variety of color possibilities, while 64 built-in macros facilitate easy selection of popular options.
With a robust, all metal construction, the Encore Z7LP is designed for use in professional entertainment lighting environments. The fixture is ideal for rental houses, production companies and event professionals, as well as for installation in all kinds of performance spaces and entertainment venues.


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