• 40 x RGB LED zones
• 6 x Cool White LED zones
• 800 RGB SMD LEDs + 48 Cool White SMD LEDs
• Lumen: 19.500 (full on)
• CRI: 83

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The ADJ Jolt Panel FX is an innovative multi-use strobe / eye candy fixture. It is equipped with 800 RGB SMD LED for color strobing and eye candy effects, and 48 white SMD LED located in the center of fixture to create the traditional look of a strobe. Zone chasing control provides an eye candy effect when used together with the white LEDs. The Jolt Panel FX’s massive light output is specifically designed for large stages, nightclubs, live events and touring.
The rear panel has conveniently located connections 5-pin DMX in/out connections along with locking power in/out to daisy chain power. There is also a USB input that allows uses a fast and convenient way to update firmware. There are also hole to connect an omega bracket to the Jolt Panel FX.
The Jolt Panel FX offers users an easy way to navigate the built-in features from a LCD display with a 4-button menu system. The display allows users to change dimming modes, dimming speed, programs, color macros, LED refresh rate, gamma settings and DMX channel modes.
A scissor yoke, and an omega bracket come with the fixture so the it can be attached to a clamp and hung on truss.


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